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Time Left in the Regular Season-Each Second a Chance to Get Better

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Congrats to Coach Gibeaut, Coach Ciolek, Nick and Justin for their victory!<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=135861&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Announcing Alumni Game and Blue Gold Scrimmage
We are excited to announce the date Nov. 22 for our annual Blue and Gold Scrimmage and Alumni Game. Please see details below for information. We are, again, looking to collect canned goods for admission to help families in the community during the Ho
Bulldogs Earn Academic Awards
Author: Chris DeLisio
This year's Varsity Basketball Team did the job in the classroom and racked up many Academic Awards! Among them: Combined with the Girls Basketball Program, Olmsted Falls had 19 athletes to earn Gold/Silver Certificates from the Ohio HS Basket
Olmsted Falls’ Asadorian sets Ohio mark for 3-point shooting
Author: Joel Hammond
The 2013-14 boys basketball season will be remembered as the year the Olmsted Falls program returned to prominence. The Bulldogs played for the Southwestern Conference title, won 18 games and watched an 11-man rotation mature while wreaking havoc on
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